How to use SOMAS document library

Here at we offer many different documents for our products. Here’s how to find what you are looking for in our document library. These documents can also be found at the bottom of most of our product pages, the procedure to find them remains the same regardless of where on our site you are downloading them from. 1. Find your desired language category and click the arrow to the right of it. 2. Find the correct sub-category and click its arrow. If no arrow is present, simply click directly on your desired category name.   3. When/if more sub-menus are visible, click the name of the category you wish to download documents from.   4. Scroll further down on the page to see a list of all the documents available in your selected category. Click „Download“ to retrive the file(s) you need. 5. All done! Now you know how to find what you’re looking for when it comes to our documents!

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