Kristina Hellström Somas project manager

Somas finalist in Smart Industry

Six companies have been nominated as finalists in the fifth round of the Swedish competition Smart Industry 2020. Somas are proud to be one of them. The competition, which was established in 2016 by Siemens, the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, draws attention to and rewards companies that take advantage of the possibilities of digitalisation in a smart and innovative way with clear results. Winners and nominations will be announced on February 11, as a completion at the conference ”Smart Industry 2021”.

The purpose of the Smart Industry competition is to stimulate small and medium-sized companies’ digital transformation by highlighting good examples that can show the way forward. Finalists and winners represent widely different industries and business areas but have smart digitization as a common denominator. Anyone can nominate companies for the competition. Finalists and winners are chosen by jury, winners will be announced on February 11th.

SomAware® – Somas Digital Journey
Somas has developed several tools that are intended to make it easier for our customers but also for the internal work. It gives access to our digital capacity. SomAware® work as a platform with products, systems, solutions, services that give customers access to more information and thereby increasing the performance of their valves. The SomAware® platform will continuously be developed with the process and the business at the customer in mind.

Efficient use of resources
A digital service that we are looking at a lot right now is being developed under the name SomVerify®.
”Here the long-term goal is to be able to offer our customers smart valves that can provide an early indication of whether they require maintenance”, says Kristina Hellström, Project Manager at Somas. ”There is added value in being able to offer our customers service and maintenance based on that information.  To only provide service to the valves that need it leads to a more efficient use of resources.”

Somas Digitization Strategy
As an engineering company and with limited expertise in software and data analysis, Somas has developed a digitalization strategy. It is based on partnership and the help of experts. It is important that methods are adapted to the conditions and that we constantly evaluate the need.  Dare to take small steps forward is crucial to being able to meet tomorrow’s needs.

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