Training–service and Maintenance

Service and maintenance of
valves and actuators

Our  training course – Service and Maintenance, teaches you things that are of direct use to you in your line of work! Welcome to SOMAS Education Center where you will receive a tailor-made education, fit for anyone working within the process industry.

In order to achieve a well-functioning process and avoid any kind of unnecessary or unscheduled downtime, it is important that your service staff has the right skills to prevent this. Education and training are corner stones for maintaining a high level of both skill and knowledge in order to provide the optimal service.

The training covers service/maintenance of ball segment valves, butterfly valves, ball valves and actuators as well as installation and basic calibration of positioners both in theory and in practice.
Welcome to SOMAS Education Centre and the training – service and maintenance of our products! 

after completion you will:

  • Have a good understanding and knowledge of how to preform service/maintenance operations on SOMAS valves, actuators and positioners

Next Training course:

Can be arranged upon request.

Training manager: 

Henrik Johansson, Phone: +46(0)533–69 17 80 Cell: +46(0)70-232 80 91

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