Training Course–Control valves

Control valves and actuators– Choosing the right size

Our courses are designed to teach you things that are of direct use to you in your line of work. Welcome to SOMAS Education Centre where you will receive tailor-made training for anyone working with valves in industrial processes.
In order to achieve a well working process it is important to determine what operational data that applies. This requires that whoever specifies the specific requirements for a control valve is well versed in the process. Not just in regard to max. data but also min. and normal values that are current.

It is also important to create safety margins, which help prevent the valves from operating with small opening angles with poor performance.
Welcome to SOMAS Education Center, we can teach you more about control valves!

After completion you will:

  • Know the most necessary applicable rules and norms
  • Understand the basic criteria for choosing valves and/or actuators
  • Be familiar with different types of valves
  • Understand the different properties of different valves
  • Be able to use the valve calculation software “SomSize”

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