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Jörgen Brunzell


It ain’t easy being humble when you know you’re the best!

describe your role at somas

I work as a painter. This means I paint all the different components for our actuators, gears and consoles. Painting components means I wash and hook/unhook them from their harnesses. Once the components are finished I deliver them to the assembly line. I am also responsible for ordering paint and handle some service-related tasks too.

what is the best part of your job?

I like the fact that I do not have to rush things while I work. I plan my work however I see fit for that particular day. That being said the job comes with responsibilities obviously, if I didn’t do my job properly it would be pretty easy to spot since all of the components would just be gray.

how did you come to work at somas?

I was headhunted by Mats Halldan. He believed the job as a painter at Somas would suit me. I had experience of painting various components for Somas at my previous workplace and I had also been lent out to Somas before I became employed.  I knew it was a job and a workplace I would like.

How do you view somas as a company?

Working at the dream factory Somas is so much fun. Great colleagues and great ambiance. As an additional bonus “Smörgåstårta“ (sandwich cake) is served to everyone on occasion. There is really no hassle, everything works well. When someone asks where you work and you respond “Somas” the follow up question is always something along the lines of: “Oh, they run a tight ship over there, right?” “Yep” is the correct response. The world needs valves, so the fact that they are fun to produce is great!

Name: Jörgen Brunzell
Title: Painter
Who I am: cheerful supporter of the Swedish football team GAIS and father of three. Previously worked as a chef for 20 years but somehow found myself working as a painter 17 years ago. Started working at Somas in 2015.

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