Meet our employees

Mickael Davidsson

Export Sales Manager

The overall sense of being part of a big family and the constant focus on teamwork here at Somas is amazing!

Describe your role at somas

I work as an Export Sales Manager in Somas engine/exhaust applications department together with two colleagues. My main focus area is customers on the Chineese market. 

What is the best part of your job?

The variety my job offers, no one day is the same. I also enjoy getting to travel the world and meeting our customers. This is still a relatively new business area for me to work within, I really like the challenges it offers! 

How did you come to work at somas?

I previously worked at VOLVO in Sweden and later at the concerns current owner Geely in China. I enjoyed my work but during December 2018 I started getting homesick. While looking for work locally I stumbeled upon one of Somas job ads on Linkedin. The offer seemed interesting so I sent in my application and here I am!

How do you view SOMAS as a cpmpany?

For me, Somas is a company that practically screams „professionalism“. Everything was set up from the moment I stepped into the office and the reception I got as a new employee was fantastic! I’m still learning new things every day and everyone does their best to help me if I get stuck. It really does feel like we’re one big family here at the office which is something I really appreciate!

Name: Mickael Davidsson
Title: Export Sales Manager (In the field of engine/exhaust applications).
Who am I: A Happy-go-lucky kind of guy born and raised in Säffle. Previously worked for VOLVO (now Geely) in both China and Sweden for about 25 years. . I live together with my partner, a cat and a dog a little bit outside of central Säffle. When I’m not in the office or out on business trips I really enjoy trimming trees with my chainsaw. Unfortunately I’m no longer allowed to use it by my partner due to too much wood trimming (laughs). 

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