Case Story: Kola MMC

Case story: Kola MMC

Customer: Kola MMC
Business area: Mining
Where are the valves installed: Nickel extraction facility
Media: Water (or condensate), wash water, steam, brine, air
Temperature: Steam 148 , Water/condensate 115 , wash water 30 , brine 110 , air 53 .
Pressure (bar): 6 bar
Flow: Steam: 2080 kg /hour (max). Water/condensate: 65 m3 /hour (max). Wash water: 18 m3/hour (max). Brine: 63 m3 /Hour (max). Air: 200 nm3/hour (max). 
Number of valves installed: 43 flanged ball segment valves with pneumatic actuators. 13  on/off-valves and 30 control valves.

Application description

The valves are installed in a nickel extraction facility and helps get rid of liquid waste.  350m3/year passes through the facility which in turn produces sodium sulphate, sodium cloride and clean water that is reused throughout the extraction process.

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