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about our sustainable
supply chain

Our ambition is to continuously improve the control of our supply chain and make sure we act responsibly during the entire process. Our ability to affect in a positive way works both actively and retroactively.

We strive to use suppliers in close vicinity to the region we operate from as often as possible. This results in shorter transportation distances but also benefits other companies and the continued development of the surrounding area.

Suppliers are an integral part of Somas total business operations and are chosen with care based on objective factors such as quality, reliability, delivery and price. We have a policy called “Supplier code of conduct” which serves to establish the requirements Somas sets for all its suppliers regarding general business ethics, ability to follow  legislation, human rights, the employees’ rights, health and safety, wages and working hours, environmental work as well as sustainability for both products and services. 

We expect all suppliers to follow the rules defined within the code of conduct. The signing of the code is the starting point of a business relationship with Somas. Also included within the code of conduct is the requirement that suppliers ask their subsequent suppliers to adhere to the same standards and rules.

somas suppliers

  • We expect that their business operates in accordance with international human rights and with the environments best interests in mind.
  • We expect that they, both in their actions and within their business, follow and abide by the national laws in whichever country they operate.
  • We have set requirements for all of our suppliers regarding environment and work environment as well as their general business ethics and way of operations through our document “suppliers code of conduct”.

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Do you want to know more about sustainable delivery and the work we do within this area?
Please contact Johan Bergsland.

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