PULS – A new way to work!

SOMAS continuously strives to become more efficient and improving its entire business. During the summer of 2017 we started implementing a work management system called PULS.

In short, this system can be described as a tool used to better visualize and collectively work towards the same goal. Several of our employees are divided into various groups. The purpose of these groups is to create the ability to decide what the company should be focusing on, both short and long-term. Weekly meetings are held at set times for the various groups. We use mind maps and magnets in different colors (among other visual aids) to represent how far we have come and what projects that are currently being worked on.

This focus is present from the initial planning stages, all the way until the project is completed. All work done is continually evaluated and followed up on and involves every part of our company. There are no set “roles” at these meetings, the responsibility is shared by everyone throughout the entire company.

The system has worked even better than initially expected and we look forward to continuing using, and improving it through 2018 as well!

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