Leverans till Mexico 1945

Somas 75 years

Somas history started on 14 December 1945 when the Trade Register for Värmland received an application to run a “factory business and trade” in the company name Sliperi & Mekaniska Arbeten Säffle, Somas. We are proud and grateful. The ongoing pandemic has unfortunately prevented us from celebrating in the way we had intended, but in honor of the day, we have developed our own Somas pastry.

Somas history began with grinding and polishing cutlery, which at the end of World War II was in short supply. The picture shows a shipment of cutlery to Mexico. Somas worked early with other in-house developed products. Valve manufacturing was started in the late 1940s when there was a great need for valves for the local process industry. A process industry that largely consisted of the pulp and paper industry. This led Somas to start manufacturing valves in stainless acid-proof material at an early stage. The first type of valve that was manufactured was a throttle valve. It is today referred to as a butterfly valve. In the early 70’s came the ball segment valve which proved to be the solution for many applications.
When the metal-seat butterfly valve was developed in the late 70s, there was a valve program that covered most parts of the process industry’s needs and is also the product portfolio that is further developed today.
Today’s product range consists of ball segment valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, and pneumatic actuators with valve positioners.

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