Somas HVV - For difficult applications

Within the pulp and paper industry there are a number of difficult applications which demand both reliability and easy maintenance when needed. Medias mixed with various chemicals and rapidly changing temperatures can result in build-up of coatings that often negatively impacts a valves performance.Somas HVV is a specially modified version of our ball segment valve KVTW designed to handle black liquor and other media that can cause clogging.

What makes HVV special?

What sets Somas HVV apart from our other valves are the modifications made to the valve shaft, bearings and seat.
  • The valve shaft is equipped with a special seal made from PTFE that prevents media such as black liquor from entering the valve bearing.
  • The shaft bearing ensures that the valve can move freely and adds an extra layer of security if media does in fact leak.
  • The design is optimized to handle the bulid-up of coating on the valves ball segment.
Combine this with the well-established control capabilities of our regular ball segment valves and it should be obvious why Somas HVV is an excellent choice for difficult applications.


  • Dimensions DN40/32-DN250
  • Pressure classesPN10/16/25/40 och Class 150/300
  • Available in wafer and flanged designs
  • Available with both long and short face-to-face-dimensions
  • Can handle rapid changes in temperature


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