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Daniel Jansson


Decisions that take weeks to go from plan to action at other companies, can be made in an afternoon at Somas.

Describe your role at SOMAS

I work in Somas technical department as a designer. My main area of focus is our butterfly valves. I help our other departments by creating drawings (among other things) which are used for our spare parts lists. I also work as a student coordinator which means I’m the point of contact for schools/students when it comes to internships, graduation work and setting up field trips to our offices.

What is the best part of your job?

 The varied work assignments, to constantly mix both theoretical and practical work is fun. No one day is ever the same, you also have a constant opportunity to evolve in your role within the company.

How did you come to work at SOMAS?

Honestly, it was a bit of a coincidence. I was going on a bus trip to the alps to do some skiing, and happened to get the seat next to Somas Managing Director Peter Hägg. We got to talking about everything from valves to what skiing down the slopes in the alps would be like. Some time after that trip, I got a job offer which I jumped at right away!

How do you view SOMAS as a company?

Somas is a stable and secure company, but also an ever evolving one. The road from decision to action is short, which I appreciate!

Name: Daniel Jansson
Title: Designer
Who am I: I live in the countryside outside of Säffle. Most of my free time is spent taking care of my house/yard. I like to travel whenever the opportunity presents itself, my last trip was to Tanzania where I climbed Kilimanjaro. During winter I enjoy skiing both down the slopes and in the tracks. Since a few years back I also work as a skiing coach for Gillberga SK.

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