Our New pressure test units are up and running!

Our new pressure test units are now operational in our workshop. These machines are used to ensure the correct tightness on our valves before they are shipped out.

While we have had pressure test units in our workshop for a number of years, these new models have been further automated and optimized. The operator can input a “recipe”, which tells the machine what valve is being tested and what conditions the valve in question needs to be able to handle in order to get approved. This recipe is set before a valve is loaded into the machine.

The tests are conducted using water or air that pass through the valves at various strengths while they are in open or closed positions.

If the pressure test unit encounters issues while the test is conducted it stops, thus allowing the operator to take the valve out to diagnose what the cause may be and correct it.
The valve can then be loaded again and the test restarts.

Once the valve has passed the test, it is prepared for shipment to the end-user.
The tightness of valves is very important to ensure that processes run smoothly and no media leaks from valves during use.

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