Product launch: SOMAS FSV

Somas are proud to announce a brand new product line in our range of butterfly valves in Fire safe design.

The product line is called  FSV (Fire Safe Valve) and is offered in wafer design, (FSVW), flanged design (FSVF), lugged design (FSVL) and with guide holes (FSVG).

A Fire Safe valve is specially designed for applications found in the oil and gas industry, i.e offshore on an oil platform.

The valve is designed to maintain optimal tightness and function even in the event of a fire. This prevents flamable media from leaking out of the valve. The design of this valve is similair to our other butterfly valve with one key difference: It’s equipped with two different seats. During normal conditions the valve uses the same PTFE seat as our regular butterfly valves. In the event of a fire however, a backup seat made from a special nickel alloy will take over since PTFE seats are not designed to withstand high temperatures. 

You can learn more about the business area for the oil and gas industry here.

Learn more about our Fire safe valves and how they are tested.

Download our fire test certificates.

We have also released a new data sheet specifically for FSV. It’s called Si-202 and can be found in our document library.

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