Product launch: Somas HVV

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our product range: Somas HVV.
Modified versions of our well-known ball segment valves KVTW/KVTF specially designed to handle difficult applications.

The pulp and paper industry includes a number of difficult applications with stringent requirements on both reliable valve performance and ease of maintenance when needed.

This is extra important in applications involving media such as black liquor. For this purpose Somas HVV is an excellent choice.
The valve shaft has been modified to include a special seal made out of PTFE that ensures that media does not enter the valve bearing. The design of the shaft bearing acts as an extra safety function in the unlikely event that media does leak out. The valve can move freely and maintains optimal performance despite the difficult media and rapid shifts in temperatures.

Seat design has also been specially engineered to handle the build-up of coating on the ball segment. Combine these features with the already well-known control capabilities of our ball segment valves and you have an excellent choice for difficult applications!

Would you like to know more? Product information for Somas HVV is available here.

The dedicated datasheet for HVV Si-115 as well as a special Application Note for the products and suggested applications can be found in our document library.

Do you have questions regarding HVV or any of our other products? Contact us and we will help you!

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