Vinnova-stöd startar Somas AI-resa

Vinnova funding starts Somas AI-journey

In September, Somas applied for money from Vinnova to start its AI-journey. This funding has now been accepted. Together with AFRY, Somas will investigate opportunities to use AI and machine learning to be able to predict maintenance. Somas part of the work will be carried out within the ongoing pilot projects with remote assistance, AFRY will assist with consultants.

Smart valves
Somas long-term goal is to be able to offer the customers smart valves that can give an early indication of whether they require maintenance. There is added value in being able to offer our customers service and maintenance based on that information. The purpose of this project is to investigate and demonstrate the possibilities of using Somas collected sensor data for predictive maintenance using AI. It also aims to present a roadmap for continued work in this area.

Expected results and effects
The AI project contributes to increasing the business value of the data Somas can collect via this technology. In addition, it contributes to an increased value for its customers on a number of points.
“Partly the project contributes to Somas opportunities to offer its customers better products, but partly also to the company being able to offer its customers products that have less overhead for service and maintenance,” says Kristina Hellström, Project Manager at Somas.

Predictive maintenance is the goal
The main goal of this investment is the preventive maintenance, which means that Somas provide service to the valves that needs it. This promotes more efficient use of resources.

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