actuators for the right valve function

Somas actuators are special. They have been specifically engineered to meet the process industry requirements for reliability and accuracy in regulation. They are first and foremost intended for use with Somas valves, but can easily be installed on any number of valves that require 90 degrees of turning.

We have eliminated any backlash between the moving parts of the actuator or between the actuator and the valve. This has created the necessary prerequisites for pinpoint precision and enables accurate process diagnostics. 

Somas also offers solutions in the form of manual actuators such as hand levers or gear units. We can also deliver electronic and hydraulic actuators from other well-known manufacturers.

Accessories that complement our actuators

Our experiences have taught us which products that complement our accessories, and our actuators are no exception. With the right accessories, you can easily complement our actuators functions and achieve a product that is truly extraordinary.

The most common accessories are valve positioners, pre-control valves as well as solenoid valves and limit switches for use with on/off valves.

Actuators for all business areas

When a valve needs to be operated remotely, or sees frequent use it needs to be fitted with some type of actuator. Pneumatic actuators have become highly regarded because of their relatively simple and compact design, great price and because they are (largely) unaffected by whatever conditions they are installed and operated in. 

By equipping the actuator with various accessories, it can be used for both control applications as well as strictly on/off applications.

Most customers that utilize any of our valves also uses one or several of our pneumatic actuators. Certain business areas however traditionally use hydraulic or electronic actuators

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