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somas manual actuator - Hand lever

Somas valves offer between 80 – 90 degrees of turning. This means that they in theory can be both opened and closed very quickly. In most cases however, quickly increasing/decreasing the flow is not advisable. Valves in sizes ranging from DN150 and upwards should therefore only be fitted with a hand lever if great caution is exercised when the valve/lever is in use.

product overview:

Hand lever type hsr 

  • Intended for use with Somas ball segment valves DN65-150
  • For use with butterfly valves DN80-200
  • For use with ball valves (SKV) DN50
  • The hand lever has adjustable end modes and can be locked in any position
  • Hand lever HSR is made of stainless steel and unpainted
Manual Actuators Hand Lever

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