SIL– Safety Integrity Levels

Somas valves and actuators can be operated within safety systems that are SIL-calculated in accordance with IEC 61511. TÜV Rheinland has helped us in certifying our products in accordance with IEC 61508. This certification also includes Performance Levels (PL) according to ISO 13849.
Results of the calculations consist of error probabilities for the products in question and are intended for the construction of safety systems where the requested Safety Integrity Levels and Performance Levels are met.

SIL levels for complete safety function are determined by not only the measuring and control equipment, but also by the valves and actuators being used. All currently available data on Somas valves and actuators make the construction of complete safety functions possible, this includes valve positioners for Partial Valve Stroke Testing (PVST) if needed. The results of the analysis are available and are provided upon request.

Further information regarding SIL and PL can be obtained by contacting our Senior Engineer Magnus Jansson.


Magnus Jansson

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