In order for you to feel extra safe when choosing us as a supplier, we support current and future customers as well as consulting agencies, as much as we can. One key component of our customer relations is that we offer different software.

Somas software is designed with your “confidence in us” in mind.

SomAware® - Making the complex simple

SomAware® gives you access to our digital capabilities. With this platform we want to offer products, systems, solutions and services. SomAware will allow you to know more, do more and increase your valves’ performance. To meet our customers’ needs for information, we have made SomBook® and SomSize available on our website. We want to continue to develop and offer even more products and services that will help our customers in everyday life, such as drawings, valve calculations, product documents about each individual ordered product directly from our website. Our digital platform will be continuously developed with the customer’s process and business in mind.

What would your valve say if it could talk? We have the answer! The question is, are you ready to listen?

Somas Brands AWARE

Our umbrella for our digital brands.

SomAware is the umbrella for all our digital brands below.

Tools for your choice of valves

Software for dimensioning of control valves

All information in one place

Industry 4.0 with connected factory

Training that makes a difference for you

SomBook® is a tool where Somas has collected all of our collective knowledge on choosing the right valves, materials said valves include and other important information about what valves we recommend for specific applications.

Choosing the correct dimensions of a control valve is one of the key factors for achieving the best possible result when using Somas control valves. It is also important because using the right size valve can offer you the opportunity to save money. Find out more about our calculation software SomSize®!

SomId® gives you all the right information, in one place. Your valves are unique and thus also the information about them. Enter your serial number, in the next second you will have all the information available at your fingertips. It couldn’t be easier.

SomVerify® uses remote access technology that can save you both time and money. With the right technology, we can verify that your valves perform at their best in each application. Your valves talk. The question is, are you ready to listen?

SomLearning® offers training that of direct use to you in your daily work with Somas products and services.
Exchange knowledge with our experienced trainers and other participants.


Our customers operate in a wide range of different business areas. Each of these have a number of different applications, which in turn have their own sets of specific requirements. While it would be a stretch to claim that we cover all bases, we do know that our products and solutions cover a wide area. Beyond our own Somas-offices around the globe we also have a large number of distributors and service partners who are more than willing to help answer your questions about Somas-branded products. We are confident that our collective experiences are of great use to you as a customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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