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somas and ISO certificates

Within a business management system, a company’s overarching goals are converted into various processes focused on the customers and the businesses’ needs. The business system serves to give a clear concise idea of how a company will fulfill its mission and also how every employee can help contribute to facilitate this fulfillment.

There are a number of international requirements and standards that serve as the basis for the certification of a company’s business management system. Somas  has chosen to follow the standard regarding quality (ISO 9001). 
Our business management system is also on its way to become certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, in other words, certification of both our environmental and work-environment.

What SOMAS business management system entails

Somas business managment system concerns marketing, sales, development/construction, production and service/repairs of control- and shut-off valves as well as actuators and other accompanying accessories. This is in regards to the business carried out at Norrlandsvägen 26-28 in Säffle, Sweden.

Quality leadership is based on two principles: meeting the customers expectations and abiding by any and all legislation while doing so. This serves to increase the satisfaction rate of your customers. Reduced unnecessary costs are often a bonus. The ISO 9001 standard is the internationally applied standard for quality leadership. The standard is a tool used in the efforts to build, develop and improve quality leadership.

It is becoming increasingly common for companies’ active in various business areas to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. ISO 14001 is the internationally applied standard for environmentally sound business management-systems. The standard is a tool used to organize, follow up on and evaluate environmental work. Our business management system is certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

This is the most wide-spread standard used to evaluate and develop working environments. With it a business can systematically lead, control and develop its focus to improve the work environment for all employees. The standard is a tool used to control an organization’s direct or indirect aspects of their work environment and its general performance. Improved performance within a working environment contributes to the possibility of improving the quality of life for employees and also decreases the communal cost related to ill health related to a place of employment.  Our business management system is certified in accordance with ISO 45001.

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