Somas takes responsibility

Here at Somas  we are well aware of the importance of competent and committed employees that stay with our company long-term. Our successes depend of the people working with us. A strong team is the first step towards strong performance.

A safe and responsible employer

Somas strives to be a safe and responsible employer well-known for running a long-term and profitable business in an ethically responsible manner. Our working environment shall prevent ill-health and injury and enable our employees to thrive and develop both professionally and as individuals. OH&S shall encompass all decisions and activities carried out. We accept no form of bullying or harassment in our workplace. Our work environment shall be characterized by openness and all individuals shall be treated equally and with respect.

We work actively and systematically with the workplace environment and the safety in our company. This work is done in collaboration between employer and employees where the safety representatives have a central role. We motivate our employees to carry out the assignments in a responsible and safe manner, and work to increase the level of competence regarding working environment and environmental issues.

Somas has a code of conduct that determines how we act ethically, commercially and socially. All of our employees and partners have signed and abide by this code.


Do you want to know more about sustainable production and the work we do within this area?
Please contact Johan Bergsland.

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