Sustainable production

somas– for sustainable production

Utilizing a sustainable form of production means that you can meet the demands/needs of today without compromising the next generations ability to do the same in the future. This is one of the prerequisites for Somas continued development as a company.

Somas develops, produces and markets control – and on/off-valves made from stainless acid-proof steel for use all over the world. A sound and safe working environment and active environmental focus are important strategic issues for us. We want to achieve continuous improvements in our occupational health and safety (OH&S) and environmental performance. 

We manufacture on our own locales in Säffle, Sweden which gives us good control over our OH&S and environmental impact. We strive to use providers in our region as much as possible. 

We do our best to prevent injuries and general ill health as well as our negative environmental impact by continuously doing risk assessments, planning and commitment. By following up on incidents we resolve flaws we encounter.

We continuously upgrade our machinery to make it more energy efficient and to provide safer and more ergonomic working environments while also increasing our competitiveness.

We comply with laws and regulatory decisions and always consider these as a minimum level for our environmental work and OH&S.


With our environmental work we take responsibility for developing and providing our products and services in ways that contribute to a sustainable and resource efficient society. 

We want all our products to last for a long time. If or when they do break they are repairable to prolong their life-span further. When products finally are scrapped, all included components need to be handled and recycled as much as possible. The metal in our products is melted to help create raw materials for new products.

Somas own impact on the environment mainly comes from:

  • The use of raw materials needed for manufacturing of our products
  • The use of various chemicals
  • Painting of products
  • Handling of metal waste as well as other hazardous waste materials.
  • In and outgoing transports

In order to focus on and reduce the negative environmental impact, we actively and systematically work to economize materials, supplies and energy, to prevent pollution, to reduce the use of hazardous substances, and to promote reuse and recycling.

workplace environment

The workplace environment in our company shall prevent ill-health and injury, and enable our employees to thrive and develop both professionally and as individuals. OH&S shall encompass all decisions and activities carried out. We accept no form of bullying or harassment in our workplace. Our work environment shall be characterized by openness and all individuals shall be treated equally and with respect. 

We work actively and systematically with the workplace environment and the safety in our company. This work is done in collaboration between employer and employees where the safety representatives have a central role. 

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Do you want to know more about sustainable production and the work we do within this area?
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