Somas awarded gold medal by EcoVadis

Since 2019 Somas works together with one of the world’s largest suppliers of sustainability ratings, EcoVadis. They annually evaluate over 90,000 different companies operating in over 200 different business areas across over 160 different countries.
Their evaluations are based on international sustainability standards i.e. Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact and ISO 26000.

Companies under evaluation annually answer several questions focused on four different areas; Environment, work environment, human rights, ethics, and sustainable purchases. The answers are supported with applicable documentation that proves that a business implements the processes and results reported.

It was at the reveal of the results of our latest evaluation that we received the fantastic news that Somas belong to the top 5% of all evaluated companies and as such, we were awarded with a gold medal. Somas has been focused on sustainability for many years and has good methods and solutions in place, it is thanks to our continuous desire to improve within this area that we had such a good result on our evaluation.

Naturally, Somas will continue to work on new initiatives focused on sustainability, while also maintaining the good habits we already have. Our vision is to operate our business with as little of an environmental impact as possible and to champion a good work environment, human rights, business ethics and sustainability within our supply chains.

In short, we want sustainability to permeate our entire business, the fact that we have been awarded with a gold medal by EcoVadis serves as confirmation that we are on the right track, and we want to stay on that track in the future as well.

If you would like to know more about EcoVadis and what they offer you can learn more on their website.

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