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Somas has developed and manufactured valves since the late 1950’s. Back then the sole focus was on valves and other equipment specifically designed for the pulp and paper industry. Altogether, this field and our cooperation with its clients have been very important for us. It has helped shape our now traditional product catalogue which is renowned for the use of acid-proof stainless steel in components that come into contact with a large number of different corrosive or otherwise potentially damaging substances.


Paper machines have a near infinite need for high performance Somas valves. They are used for flow control of liquids with or without fibers at the wet end as well as for steam flows at the drying section of the machine. Somas offers unique seat-solutions that enable our valves to be used wherever they are needed on the entire machine. There are several other areas in a pulp mill where you could benefit from using Somas valves, including drain control and water supply.


All of Somas different valve-types – ball segment valve, butterfly valve or a ball valve are used on paper mill machines. The valves can be used as control valves, on/off valves or manual valves. It is a given for us that all our products can handle the different process-requirements. Therefore, we manufacture all our valves using stainless steel materials as standard, we can however deliver valves made of titanium or high-nickel-alloys if you require.

Our actuators consist of surface-treated aluminum and stainless steel in order for them to be able to handle the type of environment they are installed in.  These materials make SOMAS actuators well equipped to handle the requirements set by the pulp and paper-industry. The actuators unique ability to achieve maximum momentum in wither open or closed positions guarantees the security required during use.


SomBook® is a tool where we have collected our many years of experience about valve options, material options as well as other important information about the valves we suggest for specific applications.

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