Cargo valves

Cargo valves

The butterfly valve is a perfect choice for the shipping and shipbuilding. Thanks to its massive stainless-steel seat it is very suitable as cargo valves.


The butterfly valve is useful for handling liquids. The metallic seat is not affected by a high velocity flow. Therefore the valve maintains its tightness even after many years of use. Butterfly valves are the most common type of cargo valves.

Product and chemical-tankers in the shipping/shipbuilding industry use Somas butterfly valves in their pipelines in order to separate different cargos from each other during transport.
Ball valves are delivered for leakage control purposes.

Product information

Somas butterfly valves offer several different functions specifically designed for the shipping and shipbuilding field.

  • Dimensions: DN80-DN400
  • Pressure classes: PN10-PN25 and Class 150
  • Valve housing for fitting between flanges or with lugs
  • Unique shaft geometry with the homogenous metal-seat gives good tightness in accordance with industry and application-specific standards
  • For use with applications up to 350 degrees Celsius


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