Meet our employees

Jessica Johnsson

Marketing Communication Manager

I think that a lot can be learned through good communication. It’s just a matter of understanding who needs which information, and when they need it.

Describe your role at somas

As the manager of Somas Marketing Communication department I work with a lot of different things. I believe that communication and information is not a line of work that you are ever truly “done” with. You can always do more and strive to improve. At SOMAS this department consists of three people who together handle everything from creating technical documentation and designing our ads, to managing our social media accounts.

what is the best part of your job?

My work assignments are always varied which is something I appreciate. One day you’ll be hard at work updating some technical documents, and the next you’ll be busy typing a newsletter to send out to all of our distributors and customers worldwide.

how did you come to work at somas?

My father-in law had mentioned Somas a number of times. However, once I went on my maternity-leave I really started to ponder my current living/working arrangements. I visited and I liked what I saw, so I reached out to them and one year later I started working at Somas. I moved from my apartment in Gothenburg and left my former employer Emerson where I worked as the manager of technical specialists, got a house in Säffle and the position as Marketing Communication Manger at Somas. I’m thankful for the opportunity me and my family has been given and that I had the courage to take a chance on a job like this.

How do you view SOMAS as a company?

It is very apparent throughout the entire company how genuine, helpful and just nice in general everyone working at Somas are. This was all brand new for me when I started out and they really helped me get my bearings and enjoy myself here quickly. Somas is a workplace that is safe while still continually pushing forward with a will to expand and get better at what we are already very good at. That whole mentality is something I like a great deal.

Name: Jessica Johnsson
Title: Marketing Communication Manager
Who I am: Mother of two, originally from Färgelanda, who studied to become a mechanical engineer at the university of Trollhättan. I moved to Gothenburg and worked at a company called Emerson and then ended up in Saffle with husband and kids.
I love adventures and dream of skiing in powder snow in the alps, even though the biggest challenge these days is getting to the pre-school on time to pick up my children.  

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