Case Story: Siemens Finspång

Case Story: Siemens finspång

Customer: Siemens Finspång
Business area: Energy production
Valve model: MTV-DN400
Where are the valves installed: Gas turbine
Media: Air
Temperature: -30 to +340 
Pressure (bar): 3,9-9,2 bar
Number of valves installed: 410 pcs. (from 2010 onwards).

Application description

Air used for block sealing and bearing cooling.
Bleed valve turbine trip and start, to avoid compressor damage. Control and on/off valve with safety functions quick opening less than 0,8 Sec.

Additional comments
To handle quick closing times:
Stellite coating has been added to the shafts. 
To handle heating up und cooling down:
Stelite bearings are used.


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