SOMAS Software– for your convenience and security

In order for you to feel extra safe when choosing us as a supplier, we support current and future customers as well as consulting agencies, as much as we can. One key component of our customer relations is that we offer different softwares: a unique form of valve-size calculation software called “SomSize®”, and a tool called “SomBook®”.

Somas software is designed with your “confidence in us” in mind.


Choosing the correct dimensions of a control valve is one of the key factors for achieving the best possible result when using Somas control valves. It is also important because using the right size valve can offer you the opportunity to save money. Find out more about our calculation software SomSize®!


SomBook® is a tool where Somas has collected all of our collective knowledge on choosing the right valves, materials said valves include and other important information about what valves we recommend for specific applications.

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