Welcome to SOMAS
TRAining Centre

Our training courses  teach you things that are of direct use to you in your line of work. The training offered at SOMAS Training Centre is tailor-made for anyone working with or around valves in industrial processes and feels the need for more knowledge.

We offer training in a variety of different areas designed to fit you and your needs. We think that the more you know about your valves and their surrounding equipment, the more control and understanding you gain about your specific process.

Why should you attend our training courses?

As leading manufacturer of control valves in Sweden, we have a lot to offer when it comes to experience and knowledge.
In order to make the training as good as possible all training is designed with smaller groups of participants in mind. (Maximum 8 participants at a time).

our trainers
Whichever training course you choose to attend you will be taken care of by one of our trainers, all of whom have many years of experience from various business areas under their belts. Our training courses also serve as a natural place to meet other people with similar assignments in their workplace. The exchange of knowledge between participants becomes a natural and important part of the traning.

Tailor made training for your company

Are there several of you from the same company that wish to attend one of our training courses? Does the set dates not suit your current schedule? Contact us and we will help you design training specifically for your company. The training take place at SOMAS Training Centre or in a location of your choosing.
We design the training and its contents based on your company and its needs. 

Any questions?

Our customers operate in a wide range of different business areas. Each of these have a number of different applications, which in turn have their own sets of specific requirements. While it would be a stretch to claim that we cover all bases, we do know that our products and solutions cover a wide area. Beyond our own SOMAS-offices around the globe we also have a large number of distributors and service partners who are more than willing to help answer your questions about SOMAS-branded products. We are confident that our collective experiences are of great use to you as a customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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