About Somas

Leading the development
of control valves

Somas instrument AB develops, produces and markets control – and on/off-valves made of stainless acid-proof steel for use all over the world. Somas is represented in many different business areas and has representatives worldwide.

Somas head office and manufacturing facility are in our own locales in Säffle. It is a family owned company run by the Hägg family with Peter Hägg as CEO and Lars Hägg as Purchasing/Logistics Manager. The head office is located along the E45 about 60 KM south of Karlstad. Several paper mills are situated in the vicinity, such as Nordic Paper, BillerudKorsnäs Gruvön, and Stora Enso Skoghall. 

SOMAS gives you security

Security and continuity are important factors of our business. Therefore, we have taken great care to focus on these factors during the 75+ years we have been active in the industry. For us it is a natural part of our customer-relations. We are proud of being the current leaders in development of control valves, and our goal is for this to remain true in the future as well.

SOMAS business concept

We develop, produce and sell qualified industry valves and related products/services for control-, on/off and manual applications.

Somas is a family-owned company that currently employs over 170 people. Our main office and production facility are located in Säffle.

Somas development is driven by our customers’ needs. All of our work is done in collaboration with our clients.

The name Somas is an acronym derived from the initials Sliperi Och Mekaniska Arbeten Säffle. The company was founded in 1945.

Sustainability, security and continuity are important to us at Somas – all three are considered natural parts of both our customer relations and our business. 

The contents found on Somas website is owned by Somas instrument AB. 

Somas business management system is certified in accordance with several ISO certificates.

Want to learn more about Somas in breif? Have a look at our company videos!

any questions?

Our customers operate in a wide range of different business areas. Each of these have a number of different applications, which in turn have their own sets of specific requirements. While it would be a stretch to claim that we cover all bases, we do know that our products and solutions cover a wide area. Beyond our own Somas-offices around the globe we also have a large number of distributors and service partners who are more than willing to help answer your questions about Somas-branded products. We are confident that our collective experiences are of great use to you as a customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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