Social responsibility is as much about internal efforts as it is about external. How we work internally is described under the heading ”Responsible employer”. We strive to be considered a trusted partner as well as building mutual relations with all interested parties.

We support and respect the protection offered by internationally recognized human rights as defined in UN’s general declaration. It covers said rights including (but not limited to): freedom of thought, freedom of opinion, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the freedom to meet. We do not approve working conditions or treatment that violates legislation or other terms and conditions in any country.

We accept no form of discrimination or differential treatment based on ethnicity, age, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.


Our day to day operations are dictated by our general business principles, consisting of SOMAS code of conduct, our environmental and work environment-policies as well as our code of conduct for suppliers and any and all controlling documents. These lay the foundation for sustainable business practices. They define how we view human rights, the rights of an employee, environmental issues, compliance with laws and other standards, fair competition, working-health and safety as well as ethical standards through our entire company philosophy.

Somas engagement in the general community is large and we are a part of many different networks where we help by offering money, knowledge or time.

Somas has an annual program for gifts and sponsorships.


Do you want to know more about social responsibility and the work we do within this area?
Please contact Johan Bergsland

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