sustainability, security and continuity

Security and continuity are key factors in Somas’ operations. This is something that we have learned during our 70 years in the industry and it is a natural part of our customer relations and our operations. Somas’ objective is to strive for long-term profitable business in an ethical and responsible manner. Our values, code of conduct and policies, as well as our operations strategy, lay the foundation for sustainable results at Somas.

Sustainability is built on a good balance between the three parts: environment, social/working environment and economy. Sustainable development means development that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the possibilities for the next generation to meet theirs. Society on the whole needs to re-think its approach and embrace the philosophy of sustainable development and production. We are not quite there yet, but Somas wants to contribute to this change within its own business.

You can read more about our focus areas below.

Utilizing a sustainable form of production means that you can meet the demands/needs of today without compromising the next generations ability to do the same in the process. This is one of the prerequisites for Somas continued development as a company.

Somas sells and develops products that help decrease the impact our customers have on the environment. Our products are designed for different applications within different business areas, as such we are actively contributing with sustainable solutions.

Our ambition is to continuously improve the control of our supply-chain and make sure we act responsibly during the entire process. Our ability to affect in a positive way works both actively and retroactively.

Here at Somas we are well aware of the importance of competent and committed employees that stay with our company long-term. Our successes depend on the people working with us.  A strong team is the first step towards strong performance.

Somas are a part of UN Global Compact. Our work follows the initiatives principles in the areas of  human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is as much about internal efforts as it is about external. We strive to be considered a trusted partner as well as building mutual relations with all interested parties.

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Do you want to know more about sustainability and the work we do within this area?
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