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Graduation work

It’s thanks to our employees, with their extensive range of experiences, areas of knowledge and backgrounds, that Somas is the successful company we are today.

There are a number of different ways to conduct graduation work at Somas. You can either apply for an advertised position, or you can contact Somas’ student coordinator and present your idea for a degree project. Various examples of previous graduation work can be seen below:

Material science: Sliding wear performance of electroplated hard chromium and autocatalytic nickel-phosphorus coatings at elevated temperatures.

FEM calculations: Pressure distributions on a valve disk at different opening angles and their impacts on the shaft.

Material science: Wear reduction between disc edge and seat in butterfly valve.

Optimisation: Optimisation of control processes with valves and pumps.

Statistics: Statistical analysis of valve testing data.

We accept applications both with and without work suggestions.

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Curious about what we can offer you as a student?

Connecting with students is very important to us. By participating in various exhibitions, study visits and other events, we are able to maintain existing contacts and establish new ones.

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