Power plants and district heating

Power plants and district heating

Somas butterfly- and ball segment valves can be used in a wide range of different business areas. -Within the field of power plants and district heating the applications require valves with low pressure drop and high capacity. We have been very careful that all our valves should be adapted to the process requirements of the industry.

Find out more about how Somas valves can be utilized within these areas below.

Somas valves are used as control valves in both powerplants and district heating.

Somas valves are used as on/off-valves in both powerplants and district heating.


SomBook® is a tool where we have collected our many years of experience about valve options, material options as well as other important information about the valves we suggest for specific applications. Achieving the best possible result when using Somas control valves is important because using the right size valve can offer you a great opportunity to save money.  The part covering “Power generation” gives you information on different applications and what kind of valve Somas recommends for each installation. It also covers recommendations on valve types for different medias.

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