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If we were to name all the different business areas we are represented in, the list would be virtually endless. Instead we have chosen to present a few examples of where our products can be found.

Within the pulp and paper-industry there are many applications suited for Somas valves. Many applications require special materials in order to handle the corrosive environment, which is something we can provide at Somas.
Properties such as low weight, short face to face, simple maneuvering and good tightness make Somas valves an excellent choice for marine applications. The valve seat made of massive stainless steel also makes it an attractive option as a cargo valve.
Current requirements when it comes to fuel efficiency and environmental awareness has increased the need for accurate control of engine applications as well as the option to shut off exhaust flow completely. Somas unique valve shaft and flexible metal seat results in efficient control ability for exhaust applications.

Do you work in an area that has a need for valves with metal seats made from stainless materials? Then you are in the right place, Somas has what you are looking for!

We deliver quality products to several different business areas

Our valves were initially developed for the pulp and paper industry and all of our product development was done in collaboration with various actors within that particular business area. A lot has happened over the last few decades however and many of our products have evolved to enable a wider range of potential customers to utilize them. We continue to work closely with all our clients to make sure that we are aware and on top of area-specific requirements, materials used and the design of the valves should meet the requirements your particular field have in place.

Below you will find a selection of various business areas we have chosen to present in greater detail.
Do you work in a business area not represented below?
Contact us and we can tell you more about what we can do for you!

Any questions?

Our customers operate in a wide range of different business areas. Each of these have a number of different applications, which in turn have their own sets of specific requirements. While it would be a stretch to claim that we cover all bases, we do know that our products and solutions cover a wide area. Beyond our own Somas-offices around the globe we also have a large number of distributors and service partners who are more than willing to help answer your questions about Somas-branded products. We are confident that our collective experiences are of great use to you as a customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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