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If we were to name all the different business areas in which we are represented, the list would be much too extensive. Instead, we have chosen to present a few examples of industries where our products can be found, although there are many others.

Within the pulp and paper industry, there are many applications that are suited for Somas’ valves. Many applications require special materials in order to handle the corrosive environment, which is something we can provide at Somas.
Properties such as low weight, short face-to-face dimensions, ease of use and good tightness make Somas valves an excellent choice for marine applications. The valve seat made of solid stainless steel also makes it an attractive option as a cargo valve.
Current requirements when it comes to fuel efficiency and environmental awareness have increased the need for accurate control of engine applications, as well as the option to shut off exhaust flows completely. Somas’ unique valve disc and flexible metal seat result in an efficient control element for exhaust applications.
Do you work in an industry that needs valves with metal seats made from stainless materials? If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Somas, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

We supply quality to several different industries

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Oil and gas

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Our customers operate in many different industries, and each industry has a wide range of applications, each with its own specific requirements.

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