Business area– sugar

In the sugar industry Somas valves are mainly used as control valves and on/off valves. Our valves are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Our valves for the sugar industry are designed to meet the control requirements. 

Valve types for the sugar industry

Somas delivers specially designed valve solutions to the sugar industry in the form of both on/off- and control valves. Control valves are commonly used in steam applications which require relatively small ball segment valves with seats made of HiCo or PTFE53. 

On/off valves are used for different kind of fluids common in the manufacturing process of sugar. 
The most common valve type for this purpose is the butterfly valve. 

Butterfly valves– for controlling the flow of fluids

Somas butterfly valves are used to control or shut off the flow of juice, other liquids and steam. The butterfly valve is flexible and well suited for most media and temperature ranges since its body, disc and seat are all made from stainless steel. 

For handling sugar-juices, a sealed shaft might be the best alternative since it keeps the bearings free of solidified sugar. For vacuum- and other types of steam however, a valve with a hard-chromed shaft is the optimum choice.

Ball segment valves– available in many different options for the sugar industry

Somas ball segment valves are most commonly used for various control-applications in the sugar industry, this is because the valves have a large flow-opening. Furthermore, the seat is positioned to prevent wear from the media. The stainless-steel-valve is available with three different seat-options.

Seat intended for fluids and steam with a temperature up to 170 degrees C.

• Soft seat for temperatures as high as 200 degrees C.

• Seat intended for steam with even higher temperatures.

Regardless of which ball segment valve you choose the seat can easily be exchanged for a different one afterwards. The ball segment valve can be delivered in a flanged or wafer design. 

Somas ball valve is also used for on/off-applications in the sugar industry.

meeting design requirements is important

The sugar industry has stringent requirements on the process, and at Somas we have taken these to heart as design criteria for our actuators. Our actuators are made from aluminum with special surface treated and stainless steel. In this way Somas adapts to the control requirements of the sugar industry. The actuator exerts its maximum torque at the fully open or closed position and therefore the optimal function is assured.

any questions?

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