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Oil and gas

A high level of safety is vital in the oil and gas industry. Offshore applications are often exposed to harsh conditions, which require both the right materials and the correct safety documentation in order to meet the standards that have been laid down both nationally and internationally.

International (ISO/IEC) and European standards (CEN/CENELEC) serve as the foundation for all the activities carried out by actors in the oil and gas industry.
Based on the above standards, NORSOK is a good starting point for achieving the safest and most economically beneficial conditions when it comes to designing and manufacturing products used in the oil and gas sector.
Here at Somas, we have been supplying products based on both NORSOK and other current standards as a matter of routine for many years!

Valve types in the industry

Somas supplies a number of different valve types to customers working with oil and gas applications. Somas’ ball segment valves are usually used for control applications, while our butterfly and ball valves are well suited for on/off applications.
Our ability to provide products that meet the high demands of the oil and gas industry is an important element in our day-to-day product development efforts.
Our valves are generally made from stainless acid-proof materials, but can also be made from e.g. titanium, SMO and other commonly used metal alloys found within the industry.
Talk to us about what your company needs and we will help you!

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Somas’ fire safe valves

Somas’ butterfly valves are offered in a Fire Safe design, which is ideal for applications in the oil and gas industry.

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