Business area–energy

Somas delivers valves for use in a number of different areas within the field of energy production. Some of our most “refined” products are installed in this segment. The temperature within gas/steam-turbines and engines are constantly raised in relation to newer and better materials being introduced to the market. Somas continuously follows these developments to be able to meet any and all current standards.

Improved production-technology, a state-of-the-art machine-park in conjunction with our many years’ worth of experience when it comes to high temperature and pressure-applications allows us to use butterfly- and ball segment valves in areas previously reserved for “severe service-valves”. 

Gas turbines

Gas turbines (principally designed in the same manner as jet engines) used for energy production have a unique ability to start up quickly. The turbines can also handle various forms of fuel. It is imperative that any and all valves used for gas turbines are not prone to clog. Find out more about gas turbines, their different areas of application and how Somas valves can be utilized.

Somas bleed valves are used in gas turbines to handle excess air produced by the turbine compressors during start-up, stopping or turbo-cutoff.

Somas valves are used when air is drained from one or several of the gas turbine’s compressors. The air is used for various sealing applications.

Somas valves are used when air is drained from one or several of the gas turbine’s compressors. The air is used to cool different bearings on the turbine’s axis.


Somas has a long history of delivering valves for use with steam turbines. Our butterfly valves are used on applications related to steam turbines that other manufacturers do not typically focus on. Our long-term experience and close relationship with turbine manufacturers means that we today are very familiar and comfortable in our technical solutions for this specific business area and its applications.

Somas turbine inlet valves are used for both control and shutdown of inlet steam for steam turbines.

Somas butterfly valves are used for quick shut off of discharging steam produced by water pre-heaters and vents.

power– and district heating plants

Somas valves can be used in a wide range of different business areas. Within the field of power- and district heating-plants the valves used require low depressurization and high capacity

Find out more about power and district heating plants work and how Somas valves can be utilized within them below

Somas valves are used as control valves in both powerplants and district heating.

Somas valves can be used as on/off-valves in both powerplants and district heating.


SomBook® is a tool where we have collected our many years of experience about valve options, material options as well as other important information about the valves we suggest for specific applications. Achieving the best possible result when using Somas control valves is important because using the right size valve can offer you a great opportunity to save money.  The part covering “Power generation” gives you information on different applications and what kind of valve Somas recommends for each installation. It also covers recommendations on valve type for different medias.

Any questions?

Our customers operate in a wide range of different business areas. Each of these have a number of different applications, which in turn have their own sets of specific requirements. While it would be a stretch to claim that we cover all bases, we do know that our products and solutions cover a wide area. Beyond our own Somas-offices around the globe we also have a large number of distributors and service partners who are more than willing to help answer your questions about Somas-branded products. We are confident that our collective experiences are of great use to you as a customer. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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