About cookies

We use cookies

According to the new law concerning electronic communication we are obliged to inform you that our websites use so called cookies.

What type of cookies does your websites use?

Two different types of cookies are transmitted from somas.se and sombook.se, both temporary and permanent. Temporary cookies are used by our web-publishing-system to maintain the connection between your web browser and our web server. They disappear whenever you close your web browser. The permanent ones do not disappear once you close your web browser however, instead these are saved to your computer. We use permanent cookies to uniquely distinguish between your browser and others who also visit our websites.

Permanent cookies are also used when a visitor registers any type of information needed to access documents hosted on a website. Cookies makes it possible for the browser to remember this registration the next time its needed.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text-file that a website requests to have saved on whichever device you are using to access that particular website. Cookies are used by a number of different websites in order to give you as a visitor access to many specific functions and features.

There are two types of cookies in terms of life-span. One saves a file for a longer period of time, in this case the cookie has an expiration date. It is used for (among other things) functions that can tell you what has changed on that particular website since you last visited it. Once the expiration date passes the cookie is automatically deleted once you return to the website that created it.

The other is called a session-cookie. These lack an expiration date. During any amount of time spent on a website the file is temporarily stored in your device’s memory to (for instance) keep track of what language you have selected to display the website in. Session-cookies are not stored for longer periods of time on your device, instead they are deleted as soon as you close your web browser. 

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