Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves–advanced
triple excentric design

Somas butterfly valves helps to control your flow! Steam, gas, water or other fluids, Somas butterfly valves can handle them all. The valves are made of high quality stainless steel with a homogenous metal seat. They are installed by mounting between flanges and are available both with and without lugs.

Almost no MAINTENANCE required

One of the biggest advantages of Somas butterfly valves is the fact that they can pretty much run as intended without the need for unwanted or unplanned maintenance. This is possible thanks to the design of the key components inside the valves. Many of our customers require that the valves can operate for long periods of time in between the regularly scheduled service sessions, because of this it is very important that all included parts of the valve meet these requirements.


Somas butterfly valves come in two different types: VSS and MTV. Both feature our trademark triple excentric design. The design of the seat and the unique construction of the disc provides for excellent shut-off and more or less eliminates the need for maintenance. The high surface pressure between seat and disc makes the valve useful for pulp applications where the fibers are easily cut. The MTV butterfly valve is the most cost-efficient choice for control and on/off-applications.

The universal design allows for a choice of many different materials during  manufacturing of the valves. This broadens the field of application. The metal seat ensures that high-velocity flow will have no effect on the valves tight shut-off ability and allows for many years of operation.
Somas butterfly valves are available with dimensions up to DN 1200 and pressure classes PN10 – 100.

Combine the butterfly valve with an actuator

A butterfly valve is useful for clean as well as contaminated substances; fluids, gasses and steam. For control installations, the valve is fitted with Somas pneumatic actuator and positioner.
For manual actuation, the valve is fitted with a hand lever or gear.

Product information

Somas butterfly valves are used in hundreds of thousands of installations in a variety of applications. Based on the experience gained from our many years of designing and manufacturing metal seated butterfly valves we are confident that our concept is the best on the market. This concept also serves as the base for our continued work on developing and improving our metal seated butterfly valves.

Somas butterfly valves have many advantages. They offer the following:

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Dimensions DN80 – DN1200
  • Pressure classes PN10 – PN100
  • Housing for mounting between flanges, or with lugs 
  • Stainless steel seat is not affected by high flow rates 
  • Replaceable seat in alternative materials
  • Unique disc geometry .
  •  Good tightness, up to class V for metal seats and class VI for soft-seal seats.
  • Advanced triple excentric design achieves excellent tightness
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves– useful in many business areas

Somas butterfly valves can be used in many different fields.This is due to its design and construction materials used. Butterfly valves comes as standard with metal to metal sealing and triple excentric design in combination with the homogeneous seat, it can handle both media containing solids and media with very high temperature

Steam applications with a temperature around 600 degrees Celsius, applications dealing with diesel fumes and mass suspensions with a high fiber content are just a few examples of where a butterfly valve can be of use. Because of this wide area of potential use the requirements for this valve are high in regards to both its design and incorporated materials. By using a triple excentric design for the shaft and a homogeneous seat made out of stainless steel, we have plenty of options for using alternate stainless qualities depending on where or how the valve will be used.

Butterfly Valves

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