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What can we do for you? We offer many different services including: service packages, different training courses and our very own valve size calculation system. All this to make your day to day use of our products as easy as possible.
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Somas Instrument AB  develops, produces and markets control and shut-off valves made out of stainless and acid-proof steel for use over the entire world. Our valves are used in many different fields and our products and our company are represented worldwide.

Safety and continuity are the corner stones of Somas, and have been for more than 75 years since its inception. It is therefore a natural part of our customer relations. We are proud to be leading the development of control valves and our ambition is for this fact to remain true in the future as well.


Sustainability is important for Somas and is a central aspect of our company. We want to take our responsibility in order to help create a better environment. We believe that efficient environmental work is one of the key components for long-term growth and development.
By actively doing as much as possible to decrease the company’s effects on the environment we can make a difference.

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Somas currently employs around 160 people situated in six different cities across five countries. Developing and manufacturing of our products require the utmost competence from everyone working with us.
Are you a qualified engineer or service technician with experience in our field of work? Can you operate a CNC machine?

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In short: Wherever you are or need us to be! Our main offices are located in Säffle, Sweden but beyond that we have offices in five different cities in just as many countries!

We also have representatives and service partners all over the world. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us wherever you are!


Box 107
661 23 Säffle


Norrlandsvägen 26
661 40 Säffle

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